Heroes Day 2020: 100-year Anniversary of Slutzak Uprising

On November 22, Belarusians around the world celebrate Heroes’ Day, remembering the courageous people who gave their lives in 1920 “so that Motherland may live.” Unfortunately, even now, 100 years later, darkness reigns in Belarus, and new sons and daughters of Belarus are shedding blood again for the freedom of their homeland.

Belarusian Canadian Alliance has organized an online event to mark Heroes’ Day.

The event included:

• Prayer for the heroes of Belarus and a welcoming speech from the Chairman of the BNR Council Ivonka Survila
• History and parallels with the present from historians Nina Stuzhynskaya, Uladzimir Arlou, and poet Uladzimir Nyaklyaev
• Live music by “Unia” choir, Andrei Khadanovich, Eduard Akulin, Lyavon Volsky, and Zmitser Vaitsyushkevich



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