Statement of the Belarusian Canadian Alliance

Toronto, ON

Statement of the Belarusian Canadian Alliance

The Belarusian Canadian Alliance expresses its strong condemnation of a wave of violence towards opposition candidates and their supporters following today’s presidential elections in Belarus. The autocratic government of Belarus should be held entirely responsible for these deplorable actions against the civil society.

It is with deep concern in our hearts that we here in Canada have been following Lukashenka dictatorial regime’s warfare against those who seek to see Belarus a free and democratic European state. Blackmail, assault, illegal detentions are only some of the means that “Europe’s last dictator” has been using to remain in power. The entire electoral process of the past few months proved to be sham and hypocrisy in the eyes not only of people of Belarus. Those European institutions that have recently given Lukashenka a benefit of a doubt and lobbied for free and transparent elections in the country have to admit that the dictator has not changed a bit. Yet another election has been shamelessly rigged.

The Belarusian Canadian Alliance is urging the Government of Canada and all friends of Belarus to maintain their firm stance unequivocally supporting democracy and human freedoms in Belarus. Current support of wider international community is absolutely vital for those who fight against the dictator striving to bring a democratic change to Belarus.

Board of Directors

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