Belarus: Geography and History




Do you wish your children knew more about Belarus, its cities, nature, and traditions? Or perhaps the adults in your family would love to brush up geography and history curriculum while reconnecting with their Belarusian identity? 

During this course you will time-travel from the origins of Belarusian history to the modern day taking notes on natural wonders, rise of Belarusian cities, world-known architectural gems, famous personalities and centuries-long folk rituals many of which are still practiced today. 

We offer you an interactive 45 min class led by an experienced high-school teacher from Belarus. Each class will be followed by 15 min Q&A. The curriculum is tailored either to grade 5-7 students or to high school students and adults – please choose your option accordingly. The instruction and teaching materials will be in Russian.

This course will make you proud to be a Belarusian. The knowledge of our land and our roots will help us to define the future of the free and prosperous Belarus. 

Апісанне праграмы:

Spring session will run for 8 weeks, from April 24th to June 19th, on weekends (between 10am and 12pm, exact time TBD). Weekday class is possible if there is interest. The following topics will be covered in class:

Grade 5-7 audience 

Lesson 1. Where is Belarus? Features of geographical location. The beginning of history. 

Lesson 2. Ancient history in names

Lesson 3. Formation of Belarusian state. Belarus during World War II

Lesson 4. Nature

Lesson 5. Population of Belarus, ethnic groups

Lesson 6. Culture, traditions, rituals

Lesson 7. Origins of geographical names. Belarusian cities.

Lesson 8. Castles and unique natural objects.

High school and adult audience

Lesson 1. Republic of Belarus: geographical and geopolitical situation. Administrative units and the formation of modern territory. 

Lesson 2. Historical timeline – dates and faces.

Lesson 3. Landscape, natural features and conservation areas.

Lesson 4. Population of Belarus. Ethnic features.

Lesson 5. Belarusian culture. Past and present

Lesson 6. Toponymics. Cities of Belarus

Lesson 7. Architectural gems of Belarus. 

Lesson 8. Famous Belarusians